wont load on 3 DIFFERENT brand tablets

Sat, 10/18/2014 - 2:54pm - Anonymous

Been trying for last 3 days to shop. Just continues to try and load. Tried on my nook, kindle fire and samsung tablets,  same for all. Went to the store in Liverpool, Ny to ask when is will be fixed.They had no kknowledge of a problem and checked to see if their kios worked.  I had tried to scan something on that and it said item not found. The item they chose scanned correctly.  I guess they think if it scans properly (didn't for me) the websites fine. I've been reading people who do get the site up have this problem with  items not being found or everything out of stock. Help desk said they'll report it to manager, won't hold my breath.  I would think a company like Kohls would release a statement acknowledging the problem and expected fix time.  VERY disappointed. 

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