Error message when checking out

Mon, 11/19/2018 - 7:30pm - Anonymous

wont let you check out


Lori on

Tried $0 balance Kohl’s card, no go.  Tried my Visa card, no go.  Called customer service, who agreed I had $0 balance.  They then told me it wouldn’t process because I attempted the purchase too many times and I had to wait 24-48 hours for them to drop off.  I explained that made zero sense and asked to confirm my last payment, which I made six days ago.  They claim it’s still processing.  I tell them the payment website states I have a zero balance and will not allow me to make a payment on zero dollars.  I was told again to wait 24-48 hours.  I gave up at that point.  Sorry that Kohl’s has such challenges with their website and app.  Some purchases are much easier when I can purchase on the app and pick it up that day.  Hope they can resolve the issues.  More importantly, I hope the communication improves coming down from corporate to customer service, they deserve to know what’s going on.

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