can't log in, can't use face ID, can't recover passwords/use OTCs/etc

Sun, 04/24/2022 - 7:06pm - Anonymous

for a few days (maybe a week ish by now) both the keybank app and website (on any device) have not been letting me log in at all
when opening the app i am prompted with an error message that reads "We noticed that Use Yor Face ID was disabled on your device. You'll need to re-enable that feature, sign on, and then go to settings to start using it again."

i did not mess with my iphone settings or the app settings. it doesn't work when i send passcodes to my phone number and email to recover my password either. i can't see my balances or log in at all


Jim Crawford on

same problem, same message.  Face ID is not working

JHerd on

Yes, I had the same problem so when I tried to check my balance I couldn't. For four days!!! Guess what? I was slammed with bounced check charges - over 200 dollars and I can't afford this crap bank. I am on a fixed income and unable to pay my rent!

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