Cannot check out

Sun, 05/24/2020 - 9:10am - Anonymous

I tried yesterday and this morning, and get "We have received our maximum order capacity for the day, for this location. Please try again tomorrow." for every store... not just my local IKEA


John H on

Join the club, apparently. I've been trying to purchase the same item shown as "in stock" in my local IKEA store, via "Click-n-Collect" for 2 weeks now, and have the same result you reference. And - as you also noted - it's EVERY Ikea location regardless. As a result, IKEA is apparently okay with customers deciding "Click-n-Collect" is really nothing more than a ruse, perhaps to finally force someone to pay their outrageous cost of delivery (4-8 weeks out depending on where/what it is being delivered). 
I did see on another site that Amazon does sell some IKEA products, but obviously not large items an d furniture. You'd have to look and compare. Were the bookshelf I want available elsewhere I would buy it from another source - even if it cost more. IKEA appears to be disigenuous about their COVID response, but the whole thing was dysfunctional before - other sites and reviews have elaborated on this. 

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