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Thu, 01/03/2013 - 6:10am - Anonymous

Trying all today from Thailand.  will not load.  With the state of HSBC world-wide, anything untoward is very worrying.


Joy on
10:32 AM PST - site still down.
David on
Down all day here in Copenhagen, Denmark.
Netizen on
Site down all day, here in France. Still down.
David on
I just spoke with HSBC Premier in US. Apparently all IP addresses accessing the HSBC USA are down. She had no clue when they would be back up. Kinda annoying when I need to move money across the pond.
Joy on
around 12pm pst, i was able to get in magically one time. i did what i needed. now cannot get in again.
susan siegel on
I have just been able to get in to transfer some funds; using the link from Global View. I logged out and was able to get in using the US site. There is no mention of an outage ANYWHERE and why it happened and what was done to restore it...
David on
I was also able to get log into the US domain today from Denmark. Did my transfers and worked fine. But yes, still puzzled why no communication was sent via email to HSBC customers abroad. I also have HSBC Premier service and must say I was very dissatisfied with the level of service and response i received. Maybe i'm being a spoiled American in saying this but in today's modern world, 1-day offline for online banking-communication needs to be better.
Stephen on
Down again in Hong Kong today.
Aaron on
Their website still doesn't work in Taiwan. When will they repair it??
susan siegel on
DOWN AGAIN TODAY!!! I can see balances from Global View, but cannot log into the site. Does anyone know what has happened? Have you seen any articles about it?
Jacob lane on
Down for the past three days in Spain as well. WTF. Probably getting cyber attacked and they don't know how to handle it.
David on
Same problems again here in Denmark (with my France acct) Called HSBC Premier in U.S. I'm throughly convinced they have some issues because the rep told me they are having "server" issues again. With no timeline on when it will be resolved. She sounded quite relunctant to tell me "the whole" story. So something is happening...
Wooj on
As of 2013-01-09, 6:58PM South Korean time, HSBC US is still down. I am worried about not being able to do online banking for a while.
Jacob Lane on
... the longer they wait, the more this feels like a cover up to save face when something really bad is going down. I plan on calling Premier here in a minute to see what the deal is. I would encourage all to do the same.
Jacob Lane on
Here we go, Iranian Hackers all pissed about something:
hannah thomas on
I can't believe this is happening AGAIN! What a pain.
hannah thomas on
Just spoke to HSBC Premier. They offered no explanation but did say they had received several calls already. The more people that ring the better.
ryan on
I havent been able to access the site ALL DAY!
Derek on
Site has been unavailable all day in Australia
Jim palanzo on
Trying to access US site for two days - no luck yet.
Christine on
Cant log onto the US site. Have been trying for two days from Seoul, Korea. ARGH!!!!
Kirill on is down. Tried from France. Checked with others, also down from the US. Now is 1:30 am GMT+1 = 17:30 EDT (New York time). Frustrating...
Matt W. on has been down for at least a full 48 hours. Can not find any info online as to why. Frustrating. Changing banks asap.
Raph.j on
Still down since 3 days now....

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