HSBC site down for the day!? Scary and embarrassing!

Thu, 10/18/2012 - 4:32pm - Anonymous

Wow, can't believe a bank of this size would let their web site be down for a couple hours let alone for an entire day! Kind of frightening since I need to move funds but am now completely stalled. So glad I don't have some mission critical, time-sensitive need like closing escrow on a home. But this is so embarrassing for HSBC and certainly doesn't instill confidence in their loyal customers.


PB on
Looks like this bank is prone to technical / website problems! Similar breakdown occurred in Nov '11:
Jacob Lane on
They are down again this week. This time for several days. Looks like HSBC needs a little help in the IT and security department.
Jacob Lane on
Here we go - the work of Iranian Hackers. Link to the NYtimes article:

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