Error codes & can't send email

Mon, 12/03/2018 - 5:44pm - Anonymous

Problem began the morning of 12/02/2018. I couldn't access my account to trade-in an expiring Groupon, which I only had 24 hour to do so. I tried 3 different browsers and from 2 different mobile phones and kept receiving error codes (403 and 500). I then cleared the browsing history and cookies, and still no luck. I tried to send an email to customer service, but received a message but it wouldn't go through. I only received an error message about, 'Curiosity Killed the Cat." What? (See attached screenshot.) Thinking it might just "be me," I asked my husband to try on his phone and his tablet. He experienced the same problem. 

Today, 12/03/2018, we are still having the same problems and now the 24 hours I had to trade-in my Groupon has expired due to no fault of my own. Excellent!


Error recieved after attempting to send an email to customer service. (12/02/2018)

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