Can not complete purchase or view my groupons

Fri, 03/22/2013 - 1:25pm - Anonymous
Been trying to buy for over an hour- Not happening. Can not access My Groupons either just links to deal of the day. Cell app seems to work.


KK on
I am having the same problem. Can't access My Groupons on the computer. Purchased a groupon but did not get confirmation in the email. When i check on the cell app the groupon is "pending"
Sheila Ferriter on

can't acess my groupon code

Lori Dennis on

I purchased a groupon for a doubl bobblehead from and I have the receipt page but cannot find the other 2 pages. I want to process the groupon but don't have all the necessary information.  Expiry date on it is June 27/17 so I'm wanting to get this done. 

Carol Vetula on

Sent a couple emails which did nothing. Not sure I want to purchase the order I have mistakenly placed. How do I find out the details on my order? I am sorry I tried to purchase my wine from Groupon. Will not pay shipping charges as I can get same wine order from Heartwood & Oak without shipping charges. Need someone to call me now.



Gloria L. Tyler on
Thought I purchased my Spa Groupon but never got confirmation
Lisa on
I have been unable to access "my groupons" for more than a week. Please advise.
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Dawn Eames on

I have credit of $228, and have an order to make. How do I use my credit or find it?

Dawn Eames on

Don't recall if I ever got this credit from car detailing. Please Advise.

Jerry Compton on
I need to view and print my first order ( massage)
Dawn Eames on

I have still not received confirmation or verification that I used the $228 credit (refund) for car detailing, that does not show on my account. Please contact me by email.

Bobbie Page on

I can not find my groupon account, or information.  I bought a groupon last Jan 11th and now I want to use it but I forgot if it was for Wet N wild wter park or Cowabonga in Henderson Nevada. The only thing I have is a order number 1100-033530-315552. Can U help me?  I would appreciate the help. I havent benn on here much in the last three months.  Thank.

Bobbie Page


Debbie Moote on

i am having a problem printing my last purchase could you please send me another acconglment to my email.       thankyou

Linda Wallace on

Haven't recieved vouchers for Honda ct. Circa musica for 12/17 7 tickets. Please send something soon. Thanks L

Donna Ueland on

I purchased two groupons for Hello Fresh. One in my name and one In my husbands name,Randy.

Phoning Hello Fresh they show 2 boxes puchased gfor 25.00.They do not show another groupon ordered. so we are being charged 69.00 for boxes in my hubands name ,11/24,12/01,12/08.

I am positive I ordered this groupon How can you help?

michael ayres on

Thought I had bought a month Carlo watch,however have heard nothing for 2 weeks now

barbara tyler on

paid for hair wash cut & colour by visa. dont know how to get the groupon voucher. Please help.

barbara tyler on


Berthley Croal ... on

On 21NoVember I purchased my Real Estate package my order number is 1000-059173-941754 but was unable to print the certification can you forward it to my email address thanks.

Jeannie roman on

cannot get my SAMs card


Been trying to access Groupon to print my vouchers off keeps taking me to deals of the day aaah

Jeannie roman on

i was charged for SAMs club membership but cannot access my information.

Gene Cavanaugh on

Bought a Groupon for Everest Cuisine. Can't find it. Groupon said sign in with different email. Didn't work.



Patricia MacPherson on

I have been trying for two days to book a deal.  It took my money but gave me 3 children's tickets.  Had live chat and they credited my account.  Today I cannot get into my account to re-order or see my balance.  Why do any of us bother??????

Betsy fine on

I cannot find my groupon for Tutto Been in Brockton mass . I believe I bought two. 

Jayne White on

Due to illness I cannot redeem my vouCher Order #1200-042569-151529 placed on 16 July 2017. Would you be able to refund the cost as I am a pensioner and cannot afford to lose the cost

Would appreciate your reply

Thank you

Richard Lambert on

Can not buy a Groupon , system does not accept e-mail or password .(that I have used for a long time) will not let me reset password.

Theresa Palozzolo on

Not able to get my voucher number very frustrating already paidQ

Richard Lambert on

Your system does not recignize my password anymore. I got a new password but still will not work. Any phone numbers (groupon) do not work.

Very frustrating

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