email down

Wed, 04/16/2014 - 2:11pm - Anonymous

email down


Rich on

One of my GoDaddy email accounts has not been receiving email for the past 48 hours.  They are working on fixing the issue, but won't give an eta

JT on

yes down this outage is an outrage - no email since Monday - it's absurd - how do you run a business with outages this long?  I am missing important emails. 

Jeff Bonvallet on

Mine Also no email since Monday @ 3:00pm. They told me on Wednesday the issue has been fixed however each of the emails must be "Reset". The reset may take up to 24hrs.  Well its been 24hrs and no dam email.  Time to bail.


annonymoustoo on

Still down.  GoDaddy UNWILLING to give reasonable estimates, just excuses.  Already shopping for alternatives.

Steve on

Email server down since Monday. now Thursday night, and godaddy says they are sorry. 

Rich on

96 hours of down time. Email came back online today. 

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