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Tue, 01/31/2023 - 9:10am - Anonymous

So I was having the same issue of not being able to log in. I called yesterday and told them, the lady didn't acknowledge a problem, but did tell me how to login. Apparently 53rd recently created profiles, and you have to go to your login page and type in your debit card number and pin. It will take you to a page to crate username and password. Everyone who has access to your account has to use their own debit cards to create their "profiles". I told the lady I have never in the last 20 years had an issue like this before; but apparently 53rd quietly made it a requirement!!!!! They failed miserably to tell us, thier customers. I still plan on switching banks! Hopefully this works for you! 


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This may have worked for you, but it is totally unrelated to what most of us are having a problem with logging in. I spoke with a supervisor for the internet banking at 5/3rd and they stated it's a ISP problem, which I also highly doubt, and are advising customers to contact their ISP. This is NOT the 5/3rd of even a few years ago, unbelievable on how this bank has poor IT service. 

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But have you tried the method I was told to get access??? I was locked out for over a week and after several phone calls she was the only one that was able to get me in. Everyone else told me to clear my cache, which never worked. Her method worked for me, but not my husband. So I'm sure it's also an IT issue, but you could also possibly get in the way I mentioned. What pisses me off is 53'rds failure to inform us of a known issue!

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Yes Erica, we already have profiles online created, it is a totally different issue that most people are having, but I 100% agree with you that 5/3rd is negligent in not putting up a post on the website that states they are having online log-in issues. We have been customers of 5/3rd for close to 50 years now and this is not the way this bank ever used to operate, it is very sad. Perhaps your method is working for some, but when they state it's an ISP issue, you can see they are doing a CYA as they have major IT problems right now and will not admit to what those problems are.

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Hi Erica: please don't take this wrong, I'm not at all trying to be rude or aggressive, but I don't understand how you've been getting in online previousely without having a personal profile set up already. Once 5/3rd went to the 2FA /two-step verification or dual-factor authentication log-in during the Fall, you had to have a profile in place already to gain online access to your accounts. btw, have spoken with a 5/3rd retiree and they are having the exact same problem everyone else is and no answers from CSRs either that help. I do believe that the IT problem concerns this 2FA and until IT resolves their problems over at 5/3rd, we aren't going to be able to get online access using a computer--the cell app maybe but not with personal computer access via a ISP.

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