Can't login period

Wed, 11/23/2022 - 12:57am - Anonymous

Cannot login to app due to "security reasons for my protection" called number given and got somebody in a foreign country who is no help whatsoever. Cannot login to website because suddenly my same device I used all year is not recognized. I also cannot use the phone now to make a transfer as you have maintenance going. This is making me feel a LOT of stress and anxiety. Why would you do this on a holiday week? You are securing my bank account from me. I don't see how that offers me any protection. What the hell do you need to protect me from anyway? You're insured, aren't you?! It seems like you are torturing client to ensure you don't have to do any real work on their behalf. You basically have until 2023 to roll back this downgrade "update" and go back to something that works. Instead of trying to figure out how to fix my problem with you I will look into other banks. Hopefully, other clients will rally beside me. This is BS!! Fix it NOW.



Adam perez on

This is bulls!*t on a holiday too? I can't log into my app and see my balance. Looking at another bank asap 

m on

unable to login, browser hangs at login.

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