Can't access site online or via mobile app

Sat, 02/22/2020 - 3:40pm - Anonymous

I have been trying to access the site for HOURS. My mobile says that I am locked out due to failed attempts (I have not had any failed attempts). The website stalls and just stays on the sign in screen forever. I tried accessing my account via telephone and it tells me my account and pin combo is invalid. I went to an ATM to check my accounts and it wil only let me access one account (and not my secondary checking or savings).

I finally navigated the phone menu to get help and I have been on the phone WAITING OR over 2 HOURS! 

I regularly access my accounts to transfer money and keep track of my balances when purchasing items online and at stores. These problems have been VERY inconvenient and I am becoming very frustrated. I have attached a screenshot of my wait time (I am up to 2 hours and 33 minutes now). I am about to give up on the phone because being on hold is draining my battery.




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