"Your Credit Card Could Not Be Validated" Message

Sat, 06/13/2020 - 1:15pm - Anonymous

I keep trying to sign up for E-Z Pass, but every time I try to do the final step, I get a message that my credit card could not be validated. I have tried with several different credit cards, so it is not an issue with one of my cards. I assume this is a problem with the service E-Z Pass uses to validate the cards.



MD on

Confirming that this is an issue for me, as well

Currently on hold with EZ Pass about this

Michael on

It turns out that you can just sign up without the credit card, and then add the backup credit card afterwards. The $10 fee will be added as a credit to your account. A little annoying, but that can solve this issue for new users.

Anonymous_090 on

Same here, in fact i was charged money as soon as i Tried to make the account since I tried signing up by the tollsbymail to reduce my charges. But the last step on making the account does not allow me to with the error above, and other errors but I still get charged with no actual ez pass account.

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