"Your Credit Card Could Not Be Validated" Message

Sat, 06/13/2020 - 1:15pm - Anonymous

I keep trying to sign up for E-Z Pass, but every time I try to do the final step, I get a message that my credit card could not be validated. I have tried with several different credit cards, so it is not an issue with one of my cards. I assume this is a problem with the service E-Z Pass uses to validate the cards.



MD on

Confirming that this is an issue for me, as well

Currently on hold with EZ Pass about this

Zachary on

What did they say on the phone?

Ezpasscustomer on

I’ve been developing the same problem since the peak of this pandemic. Help please or Ezpass please fix this error

Michael on

It turns out that you can just sign up without the credit card, and then add the backup credit card afterwards. The $10 fee will be added as a credit to your account. A little annoying, but that can solve this issue for new users.

Dan on

How? I don't see an option to not enter a credit card.

Anonymous_090 on

Same here, in fact i was charged money as soon as i Tried to make the account since I tried signing up by the tollsbymail to reduce my charges. But the last step on making the account does not allow me to with the error above, and other errors but I still get charged with no actual ez pass account.

Zachary on

Same situation with me! I got cherged 3 times...were you ever refunded? If so, was it automatic or you had to call them?

Ben on

I just went to my bank to have them dispute the charges. It's ridiculous that they'll still charge me and have the gall to say it's not validated. Pick one.

Zach on

Hey this happened to me too.... 3 times. Were these $25 charges eventually written off after their pending status went away? Or did they actually stay on your credit card statement? f!*# EZPASS

John Chen on

Same here, could any provide an update for the EZ-Passes? I don't see a way where you don't include the credit card information. 

Dan on

Any updates on this? Still getting the same error today and when I called, I was told there is nothing they can do to assist. Seems crazy that I can't actually open an EZPass NY account because their website is broken and they won't help.

Oscar on

I am having the same issue. Tried to add the optional credit card but the validation failed. Tried to create the acc*#t without the creditcard but their system is down...nice

Adam on

This just happened to me too.
They've had a month to fix this ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Adam on

I mean 2 months!

Corey on

Same here! The final step to sign up for EZ Pass won't validate  credit card info, so I guess it's our problem and at our cost. What a rip off!


Same thing and now system is down..cant make it up 

Adam on

hey all, when I went back a page to remove the cc, it did give a system error. So I went a further page back where you select the plan, theres a button for "update total", hit that to reflect the deposit amount. Go through again and don't put in your cc. After purchase you can go into your account and add the cc as a backup at the tolls. Sucks, but it works.

Jake on

^^^^^^^^^^^ This is the correct answer ^^^^^^^^^^^

Carlos on

Yes, that worked for me too. The $10 I paid, automatically show as available balance. Thanks for the tip!

Brenda on

Same issue here. Plus the phone number doesn't connect. Just says user busy over & over & over again. I was looking at the PPT plan without maintaining a balance, so I guess I'll get a credit & won't be charged first few tolls? Very odd.

Robbie on

I can echo the exact same problem as all of the above: I got the credit card error when trying to register as desired and not pay anything to start. After registering without the credit card, I was able to add it after the fact and get immediate credit in my account for the $10 deposit. Really weird and unfortunate...

nick on

THESE SCAMMERS ARE GETTING THE $10 ON THEIR SIDE THATS WHY THEY DO THIS. THEY'D RATHER NOT WAIVE CRAP AND NOT LET YOU KEEP YOUR $10 IN YOUR BANK ACCOUNT. HOW IS IT THAT IT CAN "VALIDATE" MY CHECKING ACCOUNT BUT NOT A SIMPLE CREDIT CARD NUMBER AND EXPIRATION DATE. It clearly says $10 is waived if you add optional credit/debit card. I had to complete the application without adding the credit card...then go to payment methods later and add the credit card...amazingly ITS WAS VALIDATED !!! The $10 is never waived, it's just misplaced into your EZPASS Account Balance to use. After they now have withdrawn $10 from your bank account which you will have to call to get it back to your bank instead of leaving it in EZPASS account balance.... pointless. Don't lie when you want money just ask for it nicely...  

same on

same thing happened to me; august 19, 2020

Samuel L. Jackson on

You all dumb! They do it deliberately to charge you for sign up!

If it was a website error, it could have been fixed on the first day! 

Jj on

It's still not fixed 

Johan on

Hey all, how do you register without a credit card? It says for me that those rows are required and must be filled out. If anyone knows how, please do write it. Thank you.

Bp on

I've tried signing up 5 times with 3 different cards and now I have a 25 dollar charge multiple times pending on them while getting this error on the site. The site is buggy and is riddled with type errors that can be viewed in the console. I have to wait and call them because it's labor day weekend Hope I can have them reverse the charges. 

LP on

I just tried it yesterday for more than 3 times. Luckily nothing went out of my credit card or bank account as i choose pay as you go plan with 0 dollars down. As people said its not letting you through the yet with out paying 10 dollars. I am not going to pay that 10 dollars hoping that they will refund it once i have an account and once i added a secondary payment method (Credit card). I tried to get one from EZ pass nj but don't seem to have this plan. So, stopping my effort to get a ez pass until they fix it.




Jesus Domiguez on

Yeah this is still broken. 

FYI on

Ditto.  Just tried. Still broken.

Ashley on

Still broken. I have 4 charges on my credit card...

DC on

Same problem here.  Waiting on a callback from my bank to dispute these fradulent charges.


Guess I'll do the pay-by-mail thing in the future.  If they wanted to switch to cashless tolls, maybe they should've made sure their system worked first.

Jon B on

Just tried to sign up. Tried multiple credit cards...seems like this error is still not fixed.

Jen J on

Here we are 10/19/20 and still not fixed.  This website looks the same as it did in 2003 when I tried to sign up and they didn't have Jeep listed as an auto make.

brian on

also having this issue... are they ever going to fix this?!

bob on

Really sad, 20yo site that will not validate the credit card. And they are pretty much forcing everyone in NY to use it. Probably Third world countries have better government sites. NY is the third world now. All those tolls and fines can't be used to create a useable site?

Angel Walker on

If your credit card is linked to another address you have to put in that address for billing. 

Angel W. on
Angel W. on
V on

Still broken. I used the same billing address that's registered for my credt card and even tried inputting it exactly the way the USPS has it formatted, including the extra four digits for the zip code. Still couldn't be validated. Such garbage.

V on

Well, I decided to do the same thing as Robbie above and just register without a credit card. Worked perfectly. I then went into my account details and added a credit card after-the-fact; and after it was validated right away, my account immediately showed a credited balance of the tag deposit. So I guess that's indeed an option, albeit very annoying.

Harry on

That error message still keeps happening. Easy way around the problem: Print out the application and mail it in. Cost is the price of a stamp. NY Thruway still lives in the era of Thomas Dewey, its namesake, I guess.

Bob on

I faxed it in. Takes 5-7 days to process. 

contact numbers are here:

JP on

I tried several times to add my credit card to avoid the $10 deposit.  It came up as invalid every time. I tried 3 different cards. I gave up and started an account without the credit card back up and it went through.  It said I would be charged a deposit of $10.  Afterwards, I signed in and was able to add my credit card the first time with no problems. Too soon to tell if I will be charged or refunded the $10 deposit. 

Tina on

After about 20 attempts of not being able to validate my card, which is odd because it was validated fine for my registration renewal. I finally followed some advice and did not enter the backup debit card. Now I am charged 10 and I RARELY use the thruway, I just wanted to get this out of the way. I tried to log back in to add my back up account, and not it says SYSTEM UNAVAILABLE. Is our State scamming us or what??????

JP on

The $10 deposit was charged to my account yesterday.    Maybe they will refund it, but I have doubts about that.

JP on

I don't think anyone is scamming us, maybe it's a glitch in the website that they haven't fixed.   I have had the same trouble when I have used the Big Lots website.   So far, and it's only been a day, but the $10 charge is not showing up in my bank account.    It was a pain, though, and very frustrating.  I was trying to get it out of the way, too.

BS on

I am not sure if I get this right but it says my EZ Balance is now $10 after i signed up without a credit card. This is the money i got to use for tolls in the balance right? Not the money I own? If thats the case, i figured it out what to do i believe. Just sing up without the cc and then go into your account then add cc as a secondary payment option, do not remove the checking account and do not make your cc as your primary replenish method. you will that 10 dolars in your ezpass balance. I might be wrong i dont know, i am pretty new around here so have no idea but i just wanted to share it with you all since it's anoying and i might have found the way maybe, please confirm...

tomas d on

Called Customer service, they said use just a checking account. When I asked if I can get it free she laughed.

I'm sure they know about the problem, but we also know New York isn't giving Ice away in the winter. Techncially there is legislation about this, you are allowed a free ez pass, if someone made a stink with their representitive it would get fixed. The website is garbage, I got some computer variables on the final screen. NY corruption and incompetence at its finest.

They know they are going to get like a million new signups with the new cashless stuff, then they can float 10 million dollars (even more maybe).


I think EZ pass and Tolls by mail is contracted out to a company called condoment (something like that). 








This is the correct solution! Thank you!!!!!

JS on

Tried signing up for the pay per trip option. The system is still giving me all the issues that everyone else has mentioned. When I tried adding a backup credit card, the system kept giving me the validation error message. I tried multiple cards.

Then I tried submitting with just my checking account info and no backup credit card, but then I got a 'system unavailable' error message. I give up. Will try again another day. They need to get this fixed!!

Pamela ross on

Signing up on phone did same to me but no problem on computer


mike on

ez pass can go f!*# themselves, scamming people for 10 dollars? really? the nerve! how dare they force everyone to use EZ pass, and on top of that they constantly f!*# us in the a!* every chance they get. i pray karma get to each and every one of those peices of s!*t. 

em on
It's January 11th of the new year and the website still has this error. I considered myself someone that was very late to get one so I expected it to be fixed by now. It did work when I took the credit card info out and added it in later to get the 10$ credit. But seriously?? Now I need to check that I wasn't charged multiple times like others. I called EZ pass to inquire about this and they had zero answers for me. I agree with others above who stated that EZ pass just wants the 10$. They are a business like the rest that wants to make money, they have made at least a couple hundred just going off of how many have posted in here. Now that they want everyone to have an EZ pass it's huge potential to make a bunch of extra money versus $0. I would fax the app in if you can!
meent3 on

Money grabbing scheme... it will not take my card.. I applied by mail on Nov. 13,2020... never got anything. I don't feel I should have tpay for something THEY require !! Even if I get it as a credit, I haven't spent $10 in tolls in 5 years ... maybe more NY state knows it's a problem, just won't fix it


nicho on

This still does not work. smh.

Chris on

Yep got the same error tonight that my card wasnt being verified and I kept trying over and over.

got charged the amount of my bill 7 times. Will have fun tomorrow morning disputing everything and trying to make sure I don't get charged. tolls by mail was the issue I wasn't trying to sign up for an ez pass. never had good experiences with ez pass ever 

Robert on

Did you ever get the charges reversed by disputing them with your bank? Or did the pending charges clear out on their own????

Robert on

I was trying to pay my toll bill online.  Tried 6 times with two different cards and kept getting the credit card couls not be validate.  Now I have 6 duplicate charges on my credit cards despite my payment "not going through"

Laurie Dirkx on

DISGUSTING BULLs!*t that this is even occurring. I signed up on 2-16-2021 - same thing - a credit card error validation occurred. I have FOUR vehicles on my account, that is $40 of mine they have. Because it wasn't validating I did the same as others - by deleting credit card info and adding it later after completing the application. Nowhere was it said they're mailing me the 4 inside tags for the vehicle's windshields. Did anyone get mailed these? THIS WORLD ANYMORE - NOTHING IS GOING WELL. All systems are effed! I've been on hold now over 30 minutes, still NO HUMAN. I HATE THIS STATE! 

Laurie Dirkx on

I've rquested my $40 to be credited back to my card on file with them. And all four tags did arrive to me. In about another week I should see this credit. If not, there will be holy hell to pay. The phone is 800-333-8655 if anyone else needs to dispute something. 

Jerry Pass on

This is really crazy, but in a democrat run state and country I would expect more of the same.  Hey, a lot of you probably voted for these people so enjoy!!!!!

Laurie Dirkx on

Certainly not me! 

caitlin hargro on

The state is probably using the money to pay for a state funded late-term abortion as you read this.

rey on

Tried May 16, 2021. Still a problem.

r on

Every time I go through the app to make a payment. I am charged, and sometimes even up to 200 bucks but the app shows an error message. Last night I tried paying a 16 bucks violation, the app shows the error message and the payment has been deducted 6 f!*#ing times. I am done with these guys. Pure thugs. They should be exposed for their wrongdoings. WHERE IS THE ACCOUNTABILITY IN THIS ORGANISATION? HOW DO YOU KEEP CHARGING PEOPLE EXTRA MONEY WHEN YOU GIVE US s!*t SERVICE AND s!*tTIER TRAFFIC WAIT TIMES. 

Amy Collins on

The sane here...and then last month my daughter got to use her csrd to pay my one and only abd they just sent me another bill for S54 saying it wasnt paid and the toll was only $1.10.trying to pay my other daughters but wont valdidate card...that us for$8.50 should be $.40..why are these total outrageous

Amy Collins on

You cant reach noobe on phone after holding after an hr...go back to the toll boiths ny 

THE ANSWER 2021 on


First go all the way back to the plan page and select the last plan option which is PPT (pay per trip). It is going to be a charge of $0 ONLY if you add a credit card as well as your banking info. You can go in later and change that by calling customer service or trying the website.

Once you do that just keep going and it will register and if you add the extra card "optional" card then you won't be charged the fee of $10.

Stay safe friends.

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