Wouldn't accept Credit Cards and now System Unavailable

Thu, 10/15/2020 - 9:40am - Anonymous

I set up a new account two days ago, made it through the whole process without any issues until I clicked on "Submit", then I kept getting an error message stating that my Credit card could not be validated. I tried three different cards, which I have no problem using. I went back through to see if I had mad an error in my information that may be preventing the approval, I had "Ms" included in my name so I thought maybe that was preventing the approval, I deleted it & tried again, but to no avail. I gave up and thought I'd try again the next day. I haven't been able to log on since then, it just keeps coming up with "System Unavailable" and instructs to try back later. I also tried calling the Customer Service number yesterday, but after being on hold about 40 minutes, I hung up. So frustrating.

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