Error credit card could not be validated

Sun, 07/19/2020 - 9:43am - Anonymous

Tried multiple credit cards, however still showing error


Sandy Myers on

Good afternoon,

I hope that all is well.  I work for the City University of New York and we have 12 tag holders.  I was trying to update the new credit card information for each tag holder on Monday, July 20, 2020, some stated card informatin was successfuly updated, some stated card can not be valadiated.  So on those I called by phone and put in the information.  Today, Wednesday July 22, 2020 I receive an email from ez pass stating on two of the tags that the credit card issuer failed to approve replinshment amount.  I went back on the website to make sure that all of the credit card information was correct, it stated that it was successfully updated, twenty minutes later I receive the same ifomation for those two tags that the credit card issuer faill to approve.  I was on hold for 45 minutes which I understand, and a rep stated that ez pass was having an issue and it wasn't only me, so she tried to help me fix it, after giving her the account number, tag number, license plate number, just for her to say that these accounts are not there.  I don't understand because I was logged in the website as we were speaking and the account is there.  I really need some help with updating the credit card information, because we have Chancellor, Vice Chancellors, Presidents,and Public safety vehicles out there as essential workers, and I don't want any of them receiving any violations.  May someone please help me.

Thank you.

Sanydee Myers

Office Assistant


205 East 42nd Street, 

New York, NY 10017

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