DSLReports outage will continue with no return to normal date yet

Sat, 04/28/2012 - 4:22am - Anonymous
Update 27th April: Whenever we’ve had the possibility of a good or bad outcome, we get dealt the bad outcome. Inspection of all disks has so far not supported any better theory than the SAN (storage array) over-wrote enough data to make full restoration a fragmented process, at best. I would like to dump technical detail as it seems a ludicrous scenario, but cannot until the analysis is complete. I’m not going to be convinced until we get more than just one professional opinion. In the event things drag on for longer I could unlock the site for “normal” use, leaving space for whatever data recovery turns up, however this in itself is tricky. Meanwhile I will free up more older but still useful pages. This is no help to members who wish to use restricted forums or get to their instant messages, or post in forums, but it at least heads off some of the search engine damage created by unavailable URLs. I hope we’ll catch a break in the next few days and can post something more optimistic!


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