Login page is down for Discover Bank

Tue, 11/13/2012 - 4:21pm - Anonymous

The login page to access your bank account is down.



Anonymous on
Unable to access Discover bank website yesterday and today- spoke with Account Rep who stated this is a known error and accounts are being updated to provide tax information. Stated should be available within a few hours. Also,the email address in the Internal Server Error message kicks back and email is not delivered- account rep states that is also a known error.
Anonymous on
Site is still having issues as of 10:00AM EST on 11/14/12. After entering login credentials, a "We are currently performing system maintenance." page comes up. Funny time to be performing maintenance...
brocade on
Site is still down as of Nov/19/2012........... This bank just lost my business due to their lack of IT knowledge.....I can understand a day or two tops being down but this is a joke nowadays. bye bye discover hello ally

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