Is down since 2 days or so??


What the hell is happening!!! Is diigo down from 2 days!! can not belive it! and it has been not solved yet??  




AntWrites on
All my 1000's of bookmarks are on there!
Larry on
Why no statement from about status and expected return to service? Is site done for good?
Juan Marcelo Ramos on
I found this: " Dear Diigo users, We’re terribly sorry to inform you that we’re experiencing domain hijacking, ie. someone gained access to our Yahoo domain registrar account, and illegally hijacked the domain, Very soon may not be accessible to you until this issue is resolved. But please rest assured that all our servers and user data are NOT compromised, and your data can be alternatively accessed at Your current Diigo extensions and bookmarklets will not work on For now, to bookmark to, please install this special bookmarklet for >> Again, we’re terribly sorry about any inconvenience this may have brought you. We’re working hard to resolve this. Thanks for your patience and continued support. For the latest status update, please see our tweets at Sincerely, The Diigo Team"
Steven on
Thank you Juan, i was freaking out and saw your post with the alternative link.

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