Emergency Announcement - Must Read (from Diigo's site)

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Thu, 10/25/2012 - 9:49am - Jeff

Dear Diigo users,

We’re terribly sorry to inform you that we’re experiencing domain hijacking, ie. someone gained access to our Yahoo domain registrar account, and illegally hijacked the domain, Very soon may not be accessible to you until this issue is resolved.

But please rest assured that all our servers and user data are NOT compromised, and your data can be alternatively accessed at

Your current Diigo extensions and bookmarklets will not work on

For now, to bookmark to, please install this special bookmarklet for >>

Again, we’re terribly sorry about any inconvenience this may have brought you. We’re working hard to resolve this. Thanks for your patience and continued support.

For the latest status update, please see our tweets at


The Diigo Team



Diane on
It would be helpful if somehow you could stop our daily emails until this is fixed. Or can you add an alert to the daily emails from the groups we have? Or perhaps you have zero control of this?
Matt Jans on
Unacceptable, particularly for those paying for service. Once we're back up I'm closing my account. How can we "rest assured"...we don't know what's happened? Hire better security folks.
Jackie Ediger on
Not worried about hacking-- but want my diigo bookmarks back-- I live by them!
Jackie Ediger on
Not worried about what is hacked-- I need my bookmarks back--I live by them!
Scott Ferg on
Before I rush to enter my username and password into a site that I previously was unaware of, how can we confirm that is associated with
l on does not match BUT, the was last updated on the 25th that matches up with the hijacking - seems to me just up date your dns records.
l on
I took the risk, my data is all there, is legit.
Matt on
Can someone write back to confirm this. I live by my bookmarks, too
Matt on
Someone from Diigo itself that is. Tx
l on
It's been fixed.

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