Menu web site down bogus site redirects.

Wed, 10/24/2012 - 9:04pm - Anonymous


Online College on
I think so.. it may be the highjacking nothing else.. their website has been hacked..!!
Juan Marcelo Ramos on
Domain has been hijacked... but you can access to which is currently working fine.
Jesper on
Thank You, You made my day !
Online College on
Is the old account will be in a working situation with this new domain or have to create new and what about the old bookmarks?? aah.. what the hell is happening here!! Kevin Peterson
Juan Marcelo Ramos on
Everything's the same with, just changes the domain. But I suggest to make backup of your boomarks, in case of a new hijack.
james judy on

I saw yesterday when I was searching for the best iphone application development company the top result I was searching for!

Thanks buddy!

Mark on

That day I was in a second stage of development iphone app for my clients.. and I did see immediately I was redirecting to something to - and I was shocked man!

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