Can't access Diigo's sign in page!

Thu, 10/25/2012 - 5:28am - Anonymous

All Diigo searches take me somewhere else.


Effie on
I'm having the same problem. Happened 10/24/12 as well.
Shauna on
Been happening since 10/24/12
hae on
Do you think it will come back? (and if so, should I migrate all my bookmarks somewhere else?)
Matthew Adams on states that we should use for the time being and offers a bookmarklet, too. I have not tired this out.
Fred on
SITE WAS HIJACKED Dear Diigo users, We’re terribly sorry to inform you that we’re experiencing domain hijacking, ie. someone gained access to our Yahoo domain registrar account, and illegally hijacked the domain, Very soon may not be accessible to you until this issue is resolved. But please rest assured that all our servers and user data are NOT compromised, and your data can be alternatively accessed at

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