lil buddy shut down myrtle beach craigslist

Sun, 12/23/2012 - 7:18am - Anonymous


joe balls on

Lil buddy is a known [email protected]#got that has no life outside of trolling for for cocks

johnson suggs on

Lil Buddy sells junk his daddy big buddy is ok but lil buddy takes after lil debble and is a hot headed homosexual.

bob tyler on

Yes it's all true he is an a!*#$le to boot. Just wonder how a lowlife like that is able to get by. I would love to see his sorry a!* pulling life in prison.

milton hughes on

I have heard a lot about buddy he is always watching gay [email protected] they say in some secrect room in that old school house pawn shop. he's bisexual i guess.

lil buddy on

I guess I deserve these comments I did come out the closet a while back when caught masterbaiting to gay [email protected] in the old school house but i never denied it i admitted it and moved on from there. BTW my sexuality is my f!*#ing business so all you hipocrits go to hell.

Bill Cox on

The above comments are all true..what do you expect him to say ..he didn't do it?

Sammy Hardee on

Every body is talking about Lil Buddys' gay club. The lil f!*#er needs to get back in the closet.

joseph allsbrook on

I just wish that f!*#ing a!*#$le would go the f!*# somewheres San Francisco where he could be with all the other [email protected]#gots.

Chump on

Lil Buddy has made a life out of flagging my post and all the other closeted stuff he does even after coming out..makes no sence to me. May the Rooster can do something.


Yeah i agree with Chump for once he should be the last person to be flagging..what a piece of s!*t the lil [email protected]# is.

Rooster on

Lil buddy can really f!*# things up..what a worthless piece of dog s!*t. Big buddy should put his foot in his a!*.

Rocky Holt on

Looks like the queers have taken over Allsbrooks sinse I left.

Big Buddy on

Lil Buddy is my son I think but he is nothing like me. I stay sad all the time since he came ouy the closet. He is a total disgrace to the Floyd name. I just wish he had been aborted.

Windall Martin on

Why don't you monkeys pick on someone else..lil buddy has't done s!*t to you losers. Lil buddy is making a lot of money and you f!*#s are jealous.

Salley Mae Mcray on

Windall stick to your day job a!*#$le..every body knows the deal on lil buddy. He be likin dark meat he has been run out the Bottom and Freemount.

Milton Hughes on

Is lil buddy divorces? I just heard he is in a relationship I know he swings both ways but dalm what a f!*#ing loser.

John Todd on

Lil buddy is a gready a!*#$le..he charges 30% shelling fees on auctions..the only GD one makin any money is that SOB.

sammy jones on

Lil buddy is ok the world is wrong if you don't like him stay the hell from his business ..very simple BTW you all seem to be the aseholes here.

Sue Jones on

Lil Buddy wantd a 3some with me and another man he just wanted to do the man.

Milton Hughes on

It's not a problem all the bs lil buddy is saying about me..I fycking have his number

lil buddy on

Milton everbody knows you and your family are a bunch of coartist a!*#$les..come on back to the pawn shop your a!* is mine


ricky doyle on

Milto everyone has heard all the lies your sorry a!* has been spreading..i hope they give you life in prison for selling drugs you piece of s!*t.

Lil Buddy on

f!*# all of you I have a new lady who is twice as perty as Cat was so who gives a dam if she is gone and I live in an old trailer now. At least now I don't have to hear the b!*#h raising hell all the time just because I drink a couple beers.

jason martin on

Lil buddy got kicked to the curve but some hoe hooked up with him. Lil buddy took the first one that came a long..what a douchebag.

jason martin on

Yeah lil buddy will suck a d!*k he loves it up the a!* too 

Big Buddy on

All these commenta are completely true sad to say I raised a wierdo that took after the Cannons on his mothers side. 

aimy roberts on

I've heard a lot about lil buddy he has raised the bar for [email protected]#gots. He throws it in your face like a he's proud of it. All he does is haul jumk and suck d!*ks

sammy springs on

The lil s!*t sure has riled up a lot of people. I never went there just heard about the dumb f!*#

michael stevens on

Lil Buddy is ok he is just misunderstood being gay is something he can't help And yes sucking d!*ks is a sin but if he prays he can get forgiveness No one is perfect not even me great as i am. 

jason martin on

Everyone has thier hangups I don't really know lil buddy but he is just trying to have a life unlike you a!*#$les go f!*# yourself 

gay guy on

Lil Buddy is a regular at the gay club He is bisexual that's for sure always wanting it up the rear 

Lil Buddy on

Gay is OK

Cat Floyd on

Yeah i kicked lil buddy to the curb I figured his secret gay club was his life and he didn't need me 

Lil Buddy on

ok sure I swing both ways there you have it now all of you go to hell It's ok to be bisexual 

Corby Mcloud on

I never go to Lil Buddys junk house cuz the guy is got issues he needs to get his head checked out really bad. His screws are not loose they have fallen out. 

Lil Buddy on

I'm so dam sick of the flea market at Allsbrook crossroads cutting off my dam buiness coming here. Even my f!*#ing daddy goes there

Big Buddy on

Lil Buddy hit me in the face with something and i have the scares to prove it. He is trash

mediocre buddy on

i do not appreciate this slander of my bloodline. all of y9ou names have been collected adn wer are coming rapidlyl

weed buddy on

i am high af rn

Spike Jones on

Lil Buddy trades blow jobs for junk. The guy is a d!*k suckahlolic 


johnson turner on

Man that Lil Buddy is one ugly sob I saw him it was like looking at the devil pure lawless lowlife trash 

queer guy on

Lil Buddy collects used dildos He has a big black one he loves 

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