cant log into my account to post....

Fri, 07/22/2011 - 7:41pm - Anonymous

Tried posting without logging in and that's not working either.  Have there been recent reports of this site being down?


foobeans on
Same here, I can't load the accounts page at all -
scott on
cannot enter my account, comes up but the small circle stays there and keeps spining , and will spin and spin and It would spin for ever if I let it
sandra a carlson on
i cannot get into my account
sandra a carlson on
Lynn Towse on
I want to log in to my account and edit it. Cannot access, just get run-around.
donna williams on

I can not get into my account to post

Dave on

I can't get in to my account or to post any help

Brenda on

Same here! Cannot log in and have tried and tried/no luck!

tim on

wont go to postings

Kathy on

Does anyone know how long this will go on???

Gary Arden on

cant open my,craigslist account.. tucson,az

James Groves on

Unable to access my account or post. Says reset password. Then never received a reset link. What's going on?

warren on

how do I look at my postings.?

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