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Ray on Browser Hijack Eversince you installed that D-Link router, you seem to be getting redirected to for websites that don't exists. And is that a Yahoo! search result page? Is D-Link illegally cashing in on your typos and misfortune? The answer is - NO - you opted in for it. Yes, you did! If you remember, while configuring your router you saw an option which said "Advanced DNS is a free security option that provides Anti-Phishing to protect your Internet connection from fraud and navigation improvements such as auto-correction of common URL typos.", you enabled it. Advanced DNS Service is exactly what makes non-existent websites and URLs to be forwarded to Now that you know what Advanced DNS Service does, you might want to get rid of the "nuisance". To do that type in the browser address bar and log in as admin. Then click on the Manual Internet Connection Options button. Then uncheck "Enable Advanced DNS Service". And then save settings. The router will reboot. Now type in a non-existent URL in the browser and behold the default "server not foud" message of the browser. Well, in case of Internet Explorer, Bing will do the hijacking now. Happy times for Internet Explorer users! Found it here, I had the same problem.