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Site outage continues; long term site viability doubtful

Sun, 04/22/2012 - 8:06am - Anonymous

According to the latest update from site owner, site may be down for some time yet. But even more troubling are sentiments of minimal interest in maintaining site for long term:

Sat Apr 21 22:15:37 EDT 2012 Despite our storage array totally losing its marbles for no good reason, we have verified all 20+ disks (RAID1+0) are fully readable. I see no reason at this stage to think restoration need lose even data from the day of. The problem I have involves the slowness of working on a clean restart remotely, knowing whether to re-trust the investment we made in equipment, and real life obligations, unrelated. After things are going I'll be looking to move everything to a cloud, it is just less stressful and given the costs incurred so far, cheaper too. Your patience is much appreciated. As you know, no matter what stage of popularity or size achieved it was always a "personal" website and for the last year+ has been on cruise control. A significant disruption with purely reactive sysadmin was always a possibility with the wrong kind of luck. I'll deal with it, without rushing, and see what direction to move things (cloud, or some other solution) after the dust settles. Thanks -Justin