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Can’t login to account

Thu, 02/16/2023 - 9:19am - Anonymous

I have had so many issues when it comes to loggin into my VS account, sometimes I feel like I've lost my mind. That being said, despite the fact that you're not supposed to write down your username or password, I did just that two weeks ago when I paid my bill via the app and had to reset my password. Today, I tried to access my account via the app and even though I entered my information correctly, I was unable to access my account. The only option for me to access my account would have been to reset my password, AGAIN. This would be the fourth time in a row that this would be the only way for me to access my account. I have tried accessing my account by using the toll free number and have zero issues. I have also deleted the app and re-downloaded it and still have the same issue.