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Wrong items under my name, no delivery, weird subs

Fri, 11/11/2022 - 7:59pm - Anonymous

Ordered on the 8th and driver arrived impossibly fast after approving substitution for tea.  He only had a smartphone, which is not what I ordered, but he said it was under my name. 

He left saying he'd figure it out, but an hour later nothing (I live 1/4 mile from store).  Chatted with corporate support and they said wait 30-45 minutes, two hours later I went to bed with no groceries.

Contacted support next morning and they said it was a software glitch but that they'd cancel and refund the order on their end, and to order again.

I ordered again and they arrived but substituted one (1) package of hotdog buns for six (6) packages of hotdog buns.  Contacted support to get refunded the $35 in hotdog buns.

Two days later, I get an email that the order from the 8th was delivered by (name that is not the name of the driver that showed up on the 8th).  Had to contact support again for a refund.  Whether I get a refund TBD

It's almost amazing how badly that turned out!