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Cant Login Account has been closed

Sun, 06/06/2021 - 1:00am - Anonymous

Wont let me log in . Says password invalid or something. Called the 800 number and the automated system say that account is closed. goodbye and it hangs up. No real human to talk to. I was finnally able to log in on my PC but as soon as i got to my account and viewed statements, a sign popped up and said site unavalible. Keeps kicking me off. So i think it may be time to change banks. Did you people on here see HOW MANY TIMES this banks website has been down total? Like THOUSANDS.. so... I already found a better bank but i thought id keep this account anyways but this is the final straw. I wont say what bank i found in case they may delete this but im sure if everyone looks around for the right door to walk through, you might just have the KEY in your pocket.