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Can't receive emails from cell phones with pictures attached anymore. Why not?

Sun, 09/04/2016 - 6:18pm - Anonymous

If Yahoo is in charge of AT&T's email, why can't I receive email from my cell phone or other cell phones with pictures attached?  I use to all the time and then nothing.  One day I received 3 pictures I had send from my cell phone about 2 weeks prior to them arriving in my email.  Where were they for nearly 2 weeks?  This problem is happening more and more and getting worse.  Why can't Yahoo get it fixed?  I hate to go to another provider but this is getting to be a pain.  Please find out what is wrong with cell phone texts with pictures attached not arriving in emails.  I even purchased a new phone thinking that was the issue but was only able to send 2 pictures and then nothing. 

If Yahoo staff is reading this log, Please fix these email problems!