Sun, 12/08/2019 - 6:13am - Anonymous

Receiving ZERO emails via COMCAST EMAIL on multiple computers, iphone, ipad. Can send emails to my gmail but if I send to Comcast mail, they are never received!COMCAST INCOMING EMAIL IS DOWN!!! Have een tried sending from iphone - cannot receive comcast email.  My Gmail works fine and NEVER fails!  


A. Bottaro on

Not much help from Comcast Level 2, but eventually found cause. All email on primary account going into spam. 36 hrs before had sent Comcast Security a recurring spam email and source code and subsequently set a block rule for :  [email protected]  source of spam messages being repeated. That filter somehow blocked ALL incoming mail and sent them to SPAM as I found out when I thought about it and after Comcast rep set system to run "Resin Tool" to recover emails. No recovery necessary - discovered cause myself but neither I nor Comcast rep could understand that blocked item   But-works now that rule was disabled. Hopefull no repeated spam emails from them.

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