D1 box needs reset by unpowering 30 sec

Wed, 12/25/2019 - 2:07pm - Anonymous

All of a suffen in past few weeks we have been getting random incidences of unable to get X1 box to respond to some of the controls like : Xfinty (to get to apps or settings), EXIT, Last, Info. It does respond only to channel selections. It is not the remote, tried a 2nd functional remote. Cannot even do a reset by pushing “A” button. Each time have had to unplug unit for 30 seconds, let it take the 5-10 min to reset itself, and then all functions work again. Sometimes for days and sometimes a day, but does not fail same day being used again. I assume Comcastmakes updates during late night hours and suspect one of those updates negatively impacted my box as prior to-a few weeks ago never had any such issue. Functions totally normally each time after power  down for at least rest of day and sometimes days but then happens again. Very frustrating. Next step may be to swap the box for another..  But, Istill do not think it is the box...I think Comcastis causing it somehow.  My X1 box has no power switch in rear and a blue vertical light on right side .


A. Bottaro on

Typo, title should reference X1 box

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