Cannot get email to load on smart phone

Fri, 01/31/2020 - 5:43am - Anonymous


Fig on

Cannot reach comcast's imap server from Outlook or my mobile device.  I cannot ping their imap server either.  I can ping their SMTP server.  Called cusomer support and they told me there is nothing wrong and to contact Microsoft for Outlook and Apple for my phone.  No really, they did....

Anonymous on

Been having this problem for a week now.  Two calls with Comcast "tech support" -  they insisted I had changed my e-mail settings, which I did not, and had me type in the "correct" settings, which were the same as what I already had.  It was unreal, I hung up on the second person.  Went to the Xfinity store, they told me they could not help me because my service is with Verizon. Went to the Verizon store, they told me Comcast servers are down. So, Ive not had e-mail for a week and no one can tell me why.  This is totally insane.

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