Fri, 02/08/2019 - 4:34pm - Anonymous

 even if I start show from beginning stops at the same point every time with that error code


David Richards on

It’s bad enough that CBS All Access constantly desyncs audio and video(Neither prime nor Netflix, which also stream through the TV and our direct wired connection to FIOS, have any issues with syncing or connection).  


Whats more serious is that we haven’t been able to watch a single season 2 Star Trek discovery episode the night it comes out all the way through. (or the night following with the latest episode) At some point we keep getting error uvp 1011. Even an episode restart gives us the error near the same mid-point unless we skip it. Our Sony Bravia works fine with every other streaming app and seems to have no problem opening CBS All access but you keep getting the rest. 

Ddddd on

Ditto, Sony Bravia just did update the other day from Sony. Not sure if it is related to uvp-1011 error that I keep getting for S2E3 of Star Trek Discovery about 35 minutes in. 

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