Nothing plays after first ad

Tue, 01/14/2020 - 3:48pm - Anonymous

Earlier this week and last week, I kept getting the "Error 2004: This video is temporarily unavailable" message after the first ad would play, and I submitted a complaint. The person from CBS kept tryinng to tell me it was a problem with my browser settings or my firewall. I told them I'd already tried everything that they recommended and still no luck. I checked again today, and now the first ad plays, and then I get the black screen with the show rating in the upper left corner, and then a black screen. If I've changed nothing on my end and am experiencing this change, how on earth can it be a problem in my settings? Grr. I've about had it and am going to demand a pro-rated refund for every day I haven't been able to watch All Access.

FWIW: I run Ubuntu Linux and have tried watching All Access in both Chrome and Firefox. The problem is the same in both.


Same Issue on

I have the exact same issue running Linux Mint.  CSB seems to have changed something around the first of the year that makes streaming shows from their site incompatible with Linux.  Ads are fine, but not the shows.  Initially it was Error 2004, then on Jan 13th the error message went away and it now hangs at a black screen after the first ad plays.  

John Wicklund on

Same issue with me.   Running Linux Ubuntu.   Gettting a black screen whenever I try to play classic episodes of Perry Mason or original Star Trek or Next Generation. 

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