Error code 2004 issues related to Linux viewers?

Mon, 01/13/2020 - 2:04pm - Anonymous

I've tried everything but switching to a Windows system


Jason Kincaid on

I can confirm this.  My Linux media computer has been getting the 2004 error since January 6, 2020.  My windows laptop works just fine on CBS.  Both are running the lastest version of Chrome.  I called CBS support today; it didn't sound like the rep knew what Linux was, but he promised to take the problem up the chain after I explained that ads run just fine, I haven't made any changes, and my firewall is not blocking the video.  This afternoon I see that the 2004 error has been replaced by a black screen with the rating on it, so... progress?

Open Source Sup... on

I am using Linux Mint (Ubuntu) and am having the same Error 2004 problem.  An online search finds a Fedora users group with the same recent complaints about CBS.

John Wicklund on

I too run on Linux Mint Ubuntu and noticed a couple of days ago that I could not load any of the old Star Trek episodes.   I had last used it around Christmas time and it was operating fine then. 

Last August, I had the same problem for over a month.   Then voila, in September, I tried it again and the old episodes were playing.   It worked fine from September until early January.  

I have a commerical-free subscription, so I can't speak to that part of it. 

Tried running the episodes on Firefox, Chrome and Brave and had the same problem.   

Really frustrating when paying $100/yr. not to have smooth service.  

I supposed the next thing that will happen is that the new "Picard" show will crash the system and no one can watch. 

Life was simplier when there was only ABC/CBS and NBC.   And William Shatner ran around the galaxy saving the day and kissing the girl. 


Gary Stofer on

We have the same error 2004 on our Ubuntu based media center since early January 2020. No reply from CBS on my error report I filled out a week ago.  Windows laptop is the only device that still work in our household,  but who wants to watch on a itty bitty screen?

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