error code 2004 !

Sun, 01/12/2020 - 10:24pm - Anonymous

no cbs for a week online !  error code 2004 ? new problem as of a week ago !


John Wicklund on

I get the dreaded 2004 error code.   I can't watch any old episodes of Star Trek.   Live local TV is playing fine.   This happened to me for about 4 weeks in the summer of 2019.    CBS finally resolved and it worked fine from Sept. 2019- until early Jan. 2020.    Better work for the new "Picard" show.  

Trish on

I put in a complaint and heard back from CBS. They swear up and down that it's something in my firewall and/or browser settings, which is ridiculous. They then said I must be blocking ads, which is hilarious, since in my complaint I told then I could see the ads, and then the content wouldn't play. If I can see ads, how could I be blocking ads? I feel like their staff didn't even read my message. Anyway, I was able to watch content just fine one day, and then the next day, I can't access any video--WITHOUT HAVING MADE ANY SETTINGS CHANGES. I'm fed up and will probably be dropping my subscription.

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