error code 2004

I use Firefox on Linux Mint 19. It has always worked in the past without a problem. Now I get error code 2004 when trying to watch any show. I have tried clearing the cache, clearing all cookies, rebooting the system with no result.

I see that a lot of other users are having the same problem since 8/8/2019.

Does CBS ever respond to problems via this website?

The last time I reported a problem via email to All Access support it took 3 weeks for them to reply. Totally unacceptable when you are paying for this service!!!


John Wicklund on

I also use Firefox on Linux Lite.   On Tuesday August 6, I started receiving Error Code 2004 on watching any episode of old classic shoes.  

On August 8, I reported to CBS-All Access vis phone call.   The agent gave me a case number for their Tech Team to resolve.

Still ran into the same problem on August 12.  

Yes, I am paying $100 for this service, so losing a week is starting to become aggrevating.  

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