CBS Server Unavailable

Sun, 10/01/2017 - 9:36am - Anonymous

On Xbox 360. Keep getting this message when I select an episode.  I want my money back


Kevin on

I've been getting the same error for about 6 days now, since I first installed the app. I called CBS a few days ago and they said they were aware of the issue and we actively fixing the same issue on the Xbox One. They said the fix would be made for the 360 shortly and to give it a few days...  Still no luck. On a side note, they also said an app was in the works for Samsung TVs. Either way, I want my money back too.

Neal J Linson on

I am unable to watch CBS all access on apple TV . It say Not Avaialable Try again Later. It has been days. 

Julie on

I am having the same issue on xbox 360, but PC is working fine.   I checked app status as the error message suggests and no issues have been posted.  This is getting frustrating. 

Kevin on

I too am getting the server down message on my xbox360, but it works on my PC, what gives CBS? why are you charging us for something that doesnt work? sounds like your ripping us off.

Julie McGuire on

I submitted the issue to CBS All Access asking if they had an ETA on resolving the issue on the Xbox 360. I also mentioned that I would likely cancel service if the issue was not resolved.  I willl post the status on this website after the contact me.  I agree that we should not be paying for service we are not receiving.

Hairy Handed on

The solution is to view a live TV feed first. The app needs to know your location. After that's established, it will connect to CBS and allow you to view the episodes.

Harvey G on

Tried that and it said Live TV is not available in my area, but Live TV works on my PC, it's a bugged app that needs a patch.

Julie McGuire on

I tried this as well and it did not work.

Rich on

Tried this also.  Connected to Live fine but still no go on anything previously recorded.

Anthony on

The app will not load for me at all on Xbox One. It just sits there spinning the loading symbol. I even uninstalled it and downloaded it again.

Aaron on

Here we go again. Server is down for the return of Star Trek on the Xbox 360 !! So annoying

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