CBS. Com won t stream Picard or discovery

Thu, 02/13/2020 - 4:14pm - Anonymous

Netflix and amazon stream just fine.  I have been trying for over an hour to stream the card or Star Trek discovery no dice I get to the show page is the little circle starts blinking the center of the screen that means the streaming is about to begin the no TV show this is the fifth time this is happened to me in less than a week I've only been a member for two weeks I've CBS all axis access I am not impressed I believe CBS simply does not have the ability to meet the demand of streaming. The fact that the fact that all other streaming services are working just fine makes me absolutely understand this is the fault of they will be giving me a free month or I will be going on the social media to tell the world what a rip off they are.Right now I'm in New England this also happened to me in Florida this is a problem that is having not my computer not my Internet provider

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