Black screen after initial ad plays - Linux system

Tue, 01/14/2020 - 10:52am - Anonymous

It seems CBS got rid of the Error 2004 problem, but now after the opening advertisement plays, it remains stuck at a black screen. The timeline at the bottom shows it is stuck at the last second of the advertisement, or unable to make the transition from the ad to the show.  This happens on a Linux system, using Chrome or Firefox.


John Wicklund on

Hello everyone:  I am in Error Code 2004 hell for the last week.     I have a no-ad subscription but am receiving the same black screen with timeline, as described by the previous person.   I mainly use Firefox, but I am receiving the same problem on Chrome and Brave.  I called and reported it.  I was given a Case Number and told someone would be in email contact with me.    Still on hold in Minnesota.

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