Online banking site completely down

Tue, 10/16/2012 - 10:48pm - Anonymous

Have not been able to access since early afternoon - over 9 hours ago. Hopefully it will be back up tomorrow. I have to pay some bills!


mary on
I trid Capital One last night and again this morning. Still no service. Called customer serviec and requested that my statements revert back to paper. Can't be waiting around trying to log into site to do my banking. Service Rep had no idea when things would be back to normal. Had the same problems with Wells Fargo a few weeks back. This is getting to be ridiculous.
Maureen Smith on
Was able to access yesterday. Was -47. in checking account. Second time this service didn't give me correct date it was submitted. Takes 3-4 days. I waited four days and here we go again "I am in the red". Also in the library. Really needed to get on but again I cannot get in like it happened last week.

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