Broadband Reports up Read-Only with minimal data vailable

Mon, 04/23/2012 - 11:47am - Anonymous

Reminder: is operating in a limited read-only archive mode. More info here

SORRY! Due to significant hardware problems triggered by a power failure
at (where our rack of equipment is located), pages, functions
or features are temporarily unavailable.

In an effort to fulfill
page requests originating from people using search engines, we are
currently showing message board posts, news and ISP reviews from
1999-2010 only.

All modification and login functions are
disabled. Without a full URL to a public forum topic, ISP review or
other entry (for example, from a search engine) you get this page. You
can find more information and status updates on the page


GalaxyNexus on
I hope the site owner's kid's birthday party went well. lol

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