Total outage

Fri, 08/13/2021 - 11:29pm - Anonymous


derik ryan melius on

Go to boost this morning after phone stops working the day before guy says nothing wrong with phone did i drop it or something ummmm no i did not. So he says i can send it to Samsung to be fixed of course i was like are you serious so he says new phone 165 so i am like f off and leave. Go to Xfinity gonna sign up with them get a cpi[le of blocks away and phone starts working. Messages start coming in and i can call out. Get back home no network again if they are having issues we have a right to know they are trying to avoid crediting peoples accoubt acting like they dont know whats going on and on top of it try to sell me another phone what a f!*#ing joke biggest nistake i made counting on this company!!!!!!

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