Cant make calls or receive

Tue, 05/31/2022 - 1:16pm - Anonymous


Elizabeth Lavallina on

Why can't I make phone calls or texts

Elizabeth Lavallina on

Why can't I make phone calls?

Elizabeth Lavallina on

What's wrong with Boost mobile service

T on

I did a chat support with boost. They told me that the towers are being worked on, but didn't give a specific reason why. They told me I would get credited a certain amount for next billing. You may want to issue a complaint so they mark you down for a credit as well. Eithereay, this is unacceptable and they should have updated their customers this was going to happen. Or if it was unexpected, they should have contacted us automatically to apologize. 

Chat support said it should be resolved in next 24-48 hours. I hope it is sooner, but I also subtract it will be. 

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