site down AND phone call from 499 number

Thu, 03/14/2013 - 12:25am - Anonymous
did anyone get a call from a 499 number with the message that 'you cannot use your card due to insufficient funds' which is crap because i have money. this was at 1PM EST. I checked my balance then and the website (mobile) worked and showed the correct balance. now, at 3AM EST the website is not working and based on previous reviews im very concerned that i have 'no money'! anyone else concerned about possible theft/hacking???


Robert Williams on
If they left you a number to call back to, make sure you don't call it back and give them any info related to your account. It's possible with the site being down that your private information was compromised and hackers are trying to get more information to access your account. Just saying. Is very curious that this has been down for 2nd day. That's a long time for a bank like this to be out of service.
Kat on
My sister answered this call. No one said anything, but it left her phone open long enough for her cell phone to get hacked and her bank account wiped out.

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