Cannot log in

Mon, 07/08/2019 - 3:03pm - Anonymous

Keep getting knocked off site before light in complete.  Sends access code but drops page to enter code. If able to enter verification code, site identifies it as wrong code. Out of state right now and need access


Denise Blyholder on

I have been unable to login in to my online banking since last week (holiday).  I still am unable to get in today, called in - on hold for 30 minutes, then connected with someone.  She reset my password to a temp password & it still would not log me in.  She said she could not help me as it was over her head.  She said she was connecting me with a supervisor.  She put me back into the call cue (obviously), and now I have been on hold - AT THIS TIME - for 56.53  minutes and no one has picked up.  This is more than frustating.  Never had these kind of issues with U.S. Bank.  

Also, I was set up for online access with my fingerprint to avoid these sorts of issues, but as of July 4th, it acted like my fingerprint had never been put in - although I have been accessing my account that way for years.  I hold both a personal account, business account, home mortgage, etc. with BOW.  I am beyond frustrated with this.  

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