can't log into site. Login failure after password entry

Sat, 04/16/2011 - 9:22am - Anonymous


n sinclair on
Having the exact same problem -- for hours. Site still not accessible. Anyone know why?
David on
Having the same problem the last 4 hours, after site ID is entered I get "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage". Called B of A online tech support, absolutely no help there, got lame suggestions like "try using another browser". but I reported the problem. Need more people to report this to BOA!
Tracey on
Can login and see home screen but can’t drill down to transaction details. Error message indicates I can’t get a secure connection to the BOA server.
Graeme on
Yep, same here. In MA, can login but cannot drill down to account details. Called BoA and they were absolutely useless. Asked me for account number etc, I explained to the clueless person on the phone that my account number has nothing to do with the effing problem. I asked what the problem was and when would it be fixed - silence....
Julie on
Same problem. I'm in GA - logged in 3 times because I thought it was me. iPhone app works fine though...
Brent on
Can't get to bill pay/ accounts etc 7:30 PST
n sinclair on
Has anyone been able to solve the Bank of America login problem?? I can't get to my account, but can otherwise navigate the web page. Just when I login with ID and password, I get the "Internet Cannot Display. . ." message. B of A tech help wasn't able to solve -- and said that no one else has reported this problem!
Lawrence on
Same problem. Sign in with password and get cycled to home page.
Zac on
Same problem. I put my username in and then my passcode and then it takes me back to the homepage. It does not give me an error. I called support and they had no idea how to solve the problem.

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