Bank of America EDD Debit Card site NOT WORKING

Thu, 08/09/2012 - 1:33am - Anonymous

Half the time the site does not load at all, and when it occasionally loads after putting in the login info it still tiems out with the message "The server at is taking too long to respond."


clifford s bowman on
I cant get in to sign in debit card to see my account. i cant call thay say to bes how can you find out this is so bad for us.
Debbie on
So why is your system down. I can't even look at my account either...get it back up..
Jamie Gerard on
I am trying to log in to get my balance but it won't let me. help, thank you.
jim loos on

i agree this sucks

Kathleen Yott on
cant get site to come up at al. All I get is blank page. whats up???
Hilda Beltran on
Bank of America is famous for returning very little to the customer...High fees, fee for this,fee for that. I have always had one problem or another accessing their site. But then again is not their fault the State chose to enter into business on our behalf, with a bank with a shoddy track record.
Sandy Drake on
Again the site is down. With all the unemployment, you would think someone wants the job to keep this operation working correctly! Bank of America is not of America! It is owned by foreign interests, like so much of AMERICA, USA has been sold down a river by the Government we elected to protect and serve. Vote em out!!!!
Jason on
Yeah... Website is down and my card got declined, yet I KNOW I have money. Is it because the website is down that I can't use my card??
Maribel on
That website sucks! Everytime I want to log on it's the same problem!! The page takes FOREVER to load!
wjones on
Hey what's going on with the web site. Have not work in two days. that's why I DON'T BANK WITH B of A. OUT.
rs on
I finally got someone at B of A customer service who does not have her head up her you-know-what. She had me do the following, which actualloy worked! Tools - internet options - advanced - reset (at bottom of window) This was yesterday. This procedure actually worked. Today I went to the edd card address and got right in, so I guess that fixed it. If it goes out again I'll try the same thing.
steve on
If I go through all these steps, other settings will be changed too. I cannot get on the edd site, when is it going to be up? Pretty frustrating when it was working so well before
hugh jones on
EDD card site not working on my browser at all! - It has NEVER worked since i changed my pc to a newer one. Why dont they ever fix it? as if being out of work isnt stressful enough1 B of A sucks
gregg on
Site is not working!!! 15:35 9/27/12
victor on
I can't see my edd card balance , Bank of america edd website doesn't respond
Arthur on
I was also having the ongoing usage of the bank of america edd webdsite not working untill I used google chrome.
Heather on
It has been more than 3 weeks that Bank of America EDD card log in not working. How long do I wait before they fix it.
Arthur on
maybe you should try the bank of america edd website using google chrome or call either bank of maerica online, the number on the back of your edd card.
Ron on
Site down, could not access for at least an hour. Still not working. Went to the local ATM. THAT was not working and it was not just me. 3 other people also trying to access their ATM account could not get in.
Hugh on
Arthur is right - Google Chrome is the answer , I now have completely given up on using INternet explorer. Chrome works all the time (so far!)
phillip on
This is the first time it's happened to me. i had to go into the bank to get my cash advance. I'd go to a store to see if it works there but I can't spare the gas. The bank is an a-hole, and the governemtn is an a-hole for exporting our jobs, passing Obamacare, and outright asking for a civil war.
Les on
Yes, Google Chrome. I used it and got right in. If on Internet Explorer I have the same problem as everyone else, never loads and times out. When I talked to Customer Support they really didn't answer my question about it, just helped me do what I wanted to do on the website. Oh well, at least I can use it now!!!!
thomas alberda on
this site is absolutley an abortion
f l breaux on
All to often when i try to use BOA EDD site ~ it is down. Do you think that the site being up would in the long run get people willing to transfer their accounts? I might ~ but since I can contqact my bank easier ~~
Ruben Cabral on
Having difficulties signing into bankofamerica/edd Get to sign in screen and it does not respond
Ruben Cabral on
sign in screen to bankofamerica/edd not responding
Susie on
I see the comments from August 2012 - apparently they still have not fixed the problem. I'm new to this and am frustrated that I cannot view my account. I haven't tried using the card yet and am afraid it won't work either. Has anyone found a solution??
Les on
I have not used the card at a store or anything. But I think those transactions are OK, and then you should also be able to see your balance, I would think. I had the funds transferred directly to my checking account so I wouldn't have to worry about the card and not getting the funds or knowing what I have. That works great for me. I'm not sure if it is the best way for anyone else, but it is an alternative. Again, as was posted earlier, if you are using Internet Explorer, don't use that browser for this website access. Use Google Chrome instead. That browser was already installed on my computer. When I used it, instantly I could get to the website. I still can't get to the website using Internet Explorer. It's strange!
Susie on
Thanks for the reply Les. On a hunch, I tried using Safari on my iPad - the site loaded immediately and I was able to get to my account.
Sam on
The site stil dosen't work, how are we suppose to check our account. I truly hate BOA.
Hope on
The site is not working for me and has not worked for 3 weeks, how are we suppose to see our EDD account and transfer money into our other account if this site never works.
N.Riegler on
I usually have no problem but as of today I am getting no response from the site. Has EDD acknowledged the problem?
Susie on
I found that if I logged on from my iPad using Safari or work computer I had no problems. Never was able to sign on from my home PC running IE.
Mike Condosta on
This site hasn't worked for me in weeks
Jerry on
BofA EDD site has been closed for the past 5 days. Is there no interest at BofA to provide this government service?
Eleanor on
I've tried several times and cannot get access. Has the site been shut down.
ron on
The system is worthless. There is no way to verify deposit or balance & still the state has to pay to BofA for a non working system. What is going on between the State & BofA? Tried several times (weeks) & still out of commission..
Jake on
Every time I try to log into my online BofA EDD account it indicates my security information is incorrect. I request a new password and it takes hours to receive via email. I call to have my password reset, log in and choose my new password, and upon new login - it indicates my security information is incorrect. I called BofA again to reset my password, and chose my new password while still on the phone with them. I logged out to try my new password and it indicated my security information is incorrect. The representative suggested I clear my internet cache and cookies - tried again - did not work. He suggested I try Internet Explorer instead of Google Chrome, tried again - did not work. I asked if any other tech support could help and he said no, BofA can only keep resetting my password and that they are working on the system since 90% of their calls are related to this issue. THE SYSTEM DOES NOT WORK. I've spent more time trying to get a hold of CA EDD and BofA EDD than bonding with my child for PFL.
Enrique on
I feel your pain. The exact same thing that you have been going through has been happening to me as well. I've just decided to call in every two weeks, have them reset my password, transfer all my money over to my credit union account, and then repeat the process again the following two weeks. I just look at it like this: when there are no waves, I don't get to surf. This is how it is, so better to just accept it, work with it, and get on with it, because BofA sucks! BofA always has sucked, and always will suck, and the only business I have with them is with this EDD. I won't even use their ATM's. I go out of my way to avoid having any sort of business with them. But I figure a few minutes, twice a month, f-em and just get on with it.
alex crown on
please tweet your comments to @Problem_BofA_ED
Alex on
Please tweet your problems at @Problem_BofA_ED
Rudy on
Try closing the tab after using once and/ or delete cookies. By starting fresh it will work.
Alamar Fernandez on
What is going on with Bank Of America EDD Debit Card? I have not been able to load it on my computer for over a week, now! I will try what Rudy above was told to do... delete cookes.. etc. This is very annoying & frustrating since I don't know if I have had a deposit or NOT.
Alamar on
I haven't been able to log on to my EDD Debit Card since 8/17/13...WHY??? What is going on?
Anonymous on

Ive just talked to BofA and he said their site is not down its your browser

Andrew on


Problem with EDD BofA website


You can access the site using IE but you will need to change the SSL and TSL settings in internet options. See below.
1. Open IE.
2. From the tool bar go to tools then internet options.
3. Click the "Advanced" tab.
4. Scroll all the way down to security. Select USE SSL 3.0 and TSL 1.0
5. Restart IE and Wa La.

sangyoon on

i got the card today, and trying to activate... it does not work... and i called the number on the card. and i put the card number and my SSN and saying they are unable to activiate... what the #*%$ !!!!

Fernando Cabrera on

I have problems too, log in. they love to reset password. I hope the BBB take care of that. the state need to take care of that problem and a lawsuit from Us to Bank of America. That will fix all.

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