Badoo server down

Thu, 12/01/2011 - 5:54pm - Anonymous

Website's not working, and even the Android app keeps reporting it's in offline mode.


analyn on
why i cannot open my badoo its says i'm in offline mode?
maxine on
Cant get into msgs on badoo says im in offline mode please tell me why this is many thanks
maxine on
Why am i in offline mode
lem cindy nshom on
Why am I in offline mode?
lem cindy nshom on
Am oFfline why
Deblick on
Hi wy can i not open my Badoo is it in ofline modus thanks
Sabelo Clint on
I'm in offline mode, can't open and upload pics on badoo. . .please help!
malinda alvarado on
Badoo sayo

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