Aweber's Site Down All Sunday

Sun, 03/04/2012 - 10:55am - Anonymous

Aweber's site has been offline all day. It's had an effect on the web forms within my site. My site isn't loading properly because of these problems.


leah on
It´s the same with my site. the subscription form does not display at all and i cannot access the site.
Neil Fletcher on
AWeber now back up 19:57 4/3/12
Neil Fletcher on
I contacted aweber and this was the response: Kevin M: [3:09:06 PM] Welcome to AWeber Live Chat. My name is Kevin M. How can I help you today? Neil: [3:09:06 PM] Can you tell me why aweber was down, and if it will happen again soon, i dont want to be subscribing if its going to be repetitive. Kevin M: [3:09:34 PM] This was an unscheduled system maintenance. This is not something that is commonplace by any means. Neil: [3:10:09 PM] unscheduled as in dos Kevin M: [3:12:01 PM] I'm not quite sure I know what you mean by that, could you clarify a bit? Neil: [3:12:48 PM] The warrior forum reports that no information was available at all during the downtime, why was this, could you not have informed the forums of an intended time for the service to be resumed ? Kevin M: [3:15:13 PM] To the best of my understanding we did not have a timeframe available so we did not want to put one out and set an expectation that it would be resolved by that time. Neil: [3:16:15 PM] ok thank you for your time kevin. Would you mind if i posted our chat on the warrior forum? Kevin M: [3:17:50 PM] I'm technically allowed to give you permission to post an exact conversation that we had, however accurately paraphrasing should be alright to the best of my understanding.. Neil: [3:18:19 PM] ok thanks, have a good evening Kevin M: [3:18:29 PM] Would you mind if I took your user name so I can leave an account note that you contacted us? Neil: [3:19:32 PM] I dont have one, My intention was to subscribe today, until i found out that the site was down. Kevin M: [3:20:00 PM] Understandable.

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